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Ellen Hopkins

The You I’ve Never Known

I just started reading The You I’ve Never Known by Ellen Hopkins. This book is about two young girls with separate lives, but very similar stories. I really enjoy reading Hopkins’s book because of the poetry format. In this book Ariel’s story is told in Hopkins’s typically poetry format and Maya’s story is told in paragraph form.  I think that writing each point of view in a different format helps the reader know which girl is talking and narrating each part. So far this book deals with love, parents, family, friends, pain, and many other topics. I am really enjoying this book and I can’t wait to see how the story unfolds as I continue reading. If you’ve read any other Ellen Hopkins books I think that you would enjoy this one. If you’ve never read a book by Ellen Hopkins you should still check this book out!


I just finished reading Identical by Ellen Hopkins. Like all Ellen Hopkins, Identical was set up in poetry form, which I really like. It is not a big surprise that this was a good book, because I liked all of Ellen Hopkins’s other books. Identical is about two twin sisters and the struggles they go threw. They struggle with drugs, abusive parents, sex, boys, and other deep emotional things. I don’t want to say too much about the book because there is a twist at the end and it’s really good! If you like other Ellen Hopkins books or books about heavy emotional topics, then I think you should give this book a try.

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