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Stephen King

The Green Mile

I am currently reading The Green Mile by Stephen King. This book is about a prison where the main characters work with prisoners who are awaiting their execution. This book not only talks about the prisoners on the green mile, but also the guards on the mile. I am halfway through the book and I am really enjoying it! I really like how the narration goes back in fourth between Paul at the nursing home and Paul at the prison. When this book was originally released it was released in six small separate books. Readers would have to wait months between each book. It was later released as one complete book. I am reading it in the way it originally came, six small separate books. Whenever I finish one book I can’t wait to get home and start the next little book! If you enjoy reading Stephen King I would highly recommend reading The Green Mile!


Dolores Claiborne

Today, August 21 2017, is the day of the solar eclipse so I have started reading Dolores Claiborne by Stephen King. I am not one hundred percent sure what role the eclipse plays in this book, but I know there is one! I am also not positive what this book is about, but it is a Stephen King book so I am sure I will love it. The things I do know about this book is that there is a well, an eclipse, and Dolores Claiborne.


Now that it is summer I will have much more time to read! The first book on my summer reading list is Christine by Stephen King. I have not gotten too far in the book because I have been a little busy, but the book is about a killer car. I am excited to read this book because I think it will be interesting to see how King creates an evil car. I know this book will be great because it’s Stephen King!DSC00019

Rose Madder

It took me three months to finish It by Stephen King so I am excited to be starting a new book! I just started reading Rose Madder by Stephen King. Before I started reading it I had no idea what it was really about. From where I am in the book now I can say that so far it is about a woman in an abusive marriage who decides one day to leave her husband. It is interesting because the husband is a cop so he is doing a good job of finding her. I am not too far in the book, but from what I have read so far it is pretty good. I’m very worried about what will happen to Rose when he husband does find her because he is a really mean guy. If you like Stephen King books than I would suggest checking Rose Madder out because it is good!

The Shining and Doctor Sleep

I just finished reading The Shining by Stephen King and I really enjoyed it. The whole time I was reading it I just keeping thinking about how it was nothing like the Jack Nicolson movie. I think that the tv movie version was a lot closer to the book.
I just starting reading Doctor Sleep today, which is also by Stephen King. I am really enjoying it so far. It is really interesting to see Danny as a drunk even though he saw what it did to his father. I hope that as I get further in the that Danny gets things worked out, mostly because its hard for me to stop thinking of him as the scared little boy from The Shining.

Pet Sematary

I have recently started reading Pet Sematary by Stephen King. Stephen King is my favorite author so I love reading his books any chance I get. Pet Sematary is about a family that moves to a new house in Maine where they find the pet cemetery and an indian burial ground. As certain things happen in the book the father finds out what happens when you bury something in an indian burial ground. I am excited to read this book because I have watched the movie a million times and I am to see how the book is better.

The Dead Zone

Right now I am currently reading the Dead Zone by Stephen King. Stephen King is my favorite author so it is my goal to read all of his books. I am really enjoying the book so far. I do not think the book is scary, but it has a very eerie feeling about it (in a good way). It is weird how the election in the book has a lot of similarities to the current election. I hope to finish it soon and see how wonderful the ending is!

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